Thank You

Letter of Recommendation

My mother, Joyce Brownlee suffers from late-stage dementia and Alzheimer.

My brother and I have cared for her around the clock for over 5 years and she now has progressed to the point that we cannot care for her ourselves anymore.

We have visited 14 facilities looking at overall cleanliness, staff to patient ratio, activities, and 24-hour nursing staff/doctor care etc.
Your [MediLodge of] Howell facility exceeded those requirements far ahead of any facilities we previously visited.

She had an emergency and needed rehab last week, decisions had to be made rapidly!

In our extreme difficulties and worries over the last week, I would like to recognize two employees at your Howell facility that were always happy to take my calls and answer my deepest concerns.

These employees also rapidly and painlessly accelerated our acceptance and admission process into the facility, reducing some of the anxieties associated with our mothers overall care.

So to that point, Joey Morganelli and Natasha Cook should be recognized for there professionalism and exceptional job!

Although we still have ongoing hurdles (Initial Care Conference) today, as we are concerned about some of her medications and their side effects, diet etc. I feel better that the nursing and doctor staff will excel as well as these other employees have.


Randy Reeves

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