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Karen W

When I first got here after having my second below-knee amputation, I was nervous. I was also thinking about what was in store for me. Then when I woke up, I was really uneasy, so I stayed in bed all day. That next day, I was prepared for therapy, and I had also set a goal to be out of here by Christmas. Then even though I thought I was ready, m mom intervened, so I wasn’t going home until New Year Day. For me, (I thought) being a double amputee was going to be a piece of cake, but I was wrong. I didn’t know there were 3 different kinds of therapy that I would have to do, and it was harder than the first amputation. Now that I’m getting to go home, I see why I had stayed. I give a big thank you to Kathy, Mo, Terry, and Jen for all of their support and encouragement.

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