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Gary Fulp

I was living in a senior living in Anderson, Indiana, in late 2015. I had been sick later half of 2015. I also had two heart attacks in 2015. Starting in January 2016, I had several bouts of pneumonia. In February, I had to go to Saint Johns ER because of trouble breathing. The doctors at Saint johns determined I needed a tracheostomy because my oxygen levels were low. After the surgery, my heart stopped, and they had to do CPR. I was put on a ventilator to help me breathe. I was in the hospitals from February to June. My daughter Tracy had me transferred to Howell, Michigan, at MediLodge for Physical Therapy. I met two therapists Linsey and Austin. I could only walk halfway, but by the end, I was walking both ways several times.

I would do some weight lifting. I would ride there bicycle exercise machine. I walked with a walker, and Linsey and Austin would set goals how far to walk. I finally could walk on my own with a brace and cane. I can walk without the brace. I can walk short distances but long distances I have to use it. I went from assisted living to a senior community. I shop for myself and cook. I try to walk a mile and a half every day. I can do many things I couldn’t when I was sick. Linsey and Austin had a lot of confidence I would walk but on my own from Medilodge. I feel that if it weren’t for those two I would not have done so well.

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