Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Kelsey! 💚👏

Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Kelsey!

Here’s a little about Kelsey:

Kelsey was born in Flint, MI and graduated from Pinckney Community High School. She then attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, majoring in Theatre. She has also lived in several different cities, including Columbus, OH, Sarasota, FL, and Hikone, Japan.

Over the years, Kelsey has worked in foodservice, retail, recreation, animal care, housekeeping, and live performance. Kelsey joined the MediLodge of Howell team in February of this year, and this is her first experience working in the healthcare field.

Kelsey currently has perfect attendance, never complains of any job given to her, and always takes pride in her job with a smile on her face. Kelsey states she is very thankful to everyone who has helped her learn and develop her skills over the past few months. She thinks everyone has been great mentors to her. She states that “Like our residents, we’re all different, so we can all learn from each other. I appreciate that most coworkers will generously pass on their tips and information to make sure the shift goes smoothly. Kelsey says what she loves most about MediLodge is that every day is different. Since she has a background in Improv, she is used to taking in new information/situations and running with it. She prefers jobs that keep her on her feet and moving, and working in this environment delivers on that!

When Kelsey’s not at MediLodge, she works as the resident stage manager for A Wilde Theatre located in The Brighton Coffeehouse and Theatre in downtown Brighton. Kelsey currently lives in Pinckney with her parents, sister, and an Aussie-doodle named Gulo.

Kelsey’s advice for future new coworkers is, just do your best, ask lots of questions, be patient, don’t take anything personally, and maintain a sense of humor.

Kelsey states, “I know times are hard, but I firmly believe that if you can’t find the joy (or in the very least pride) in your workday, then you’re not in the right place of employment.”

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